stadt | land | fuzz

My speakers are a door into another world. In this case it's the world of Michael Wedenig and his debut record 'stadt | land | fuzz'. Twenty-nine-year-old Wedenig comes from Carinthia, the part of Austria that, together with Slovenia and Italy, forms the border triangle. It is an area that is not undisputed with its mountains, forests, creeks and lakes – a sea of lead and tears. Over the course of time the traditional folk songs became a part of the national wealth. The people sing their songs with pride, a pride that often brought them down.


My thoughts wander with the sound, from left to right and back again. The “Rivulet” makes its way and carries me along. It grows into a fast river with rapids, pulling me under, then casting me back ashore.


Guitars, field recordings, samples and loops are the foundations of Wedenig's atmosphere-creating sound collages. Topped by ecstasizing melodies, they reveal what we call vastness.


Without restraints, beyond pop-cultural ways of expression - Wedenig's music tells us a lot, lets us slip into reverie, and above all, shows us how to stop time for those precious moments.


Michaela Schimun

Keto Recordings 2015



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