Variationen der Reflektanz

dance | choreography: marina grün | sara lanner

sound | composition: michael wedenig

We mostly know the inside of our bodies through radiographs, ultrasonic scans or from feeling pain. All the rest is void. Based on interviews and self-assessment, the dancers Marina Grün and Sara Lanner together with the musician Michael Wedenig try to translate the intangible into movement and sound. For instance, how does a bag of bowels sound or move. Turning their inner life inside out, they sharpen the self-awareness of their audience.


The piece was developed in spring 2013. It has since been shown at the RedSapata Tanzfabrik/Linz, the Free.Space Festival/Vienna and, as a part of the International Dance Day 2014, at the Stadtgalerie/Klagenfurt.

watch the teaser filmed by Julo Besch at RedSapata | Linz:




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