The Vienna-based musician and sound artist mixes electronics, field recordings and guitars to form a coherent whole. After finishing his studies he participated in music projects and intensively pursued interdisciplinary approaches like audiovisual installations and soundtracks for performance art and movies.


In April 2015, Wedenig’s first solo album stadt | land | fuzz (KETO Recordings) was released.  set theory, his second solo program, is a mixture of concert and quadrophonic sound installation. His most recent endeavour, started partially due to the outbreak of COVID-19, is a YouTube Channel where he explores topics like sound design and field recording from his own artistic angle.


Learn more about Wedenig’s work with field recordings in this blog post.


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Deconstruction? Sounds exhausting. But this does not apply to the Austrian musician Michael Wedenig and his album “Stadt Land Fuzz” (Keto). Contemplative guitar sounds merge with field recordings and soft electronics resulting in an artistic and at the same time smoothly flowing instrumental music, which is perfect as soundtrack for a retreat on hot summer days. Wedenig combines original compositions and traditional Austrian tracks – for example “Is scho still uman See”, where you cannot tell the own and the folk parts apart. This is as relaxing as intellectual music can be!” – Gerhard Stöger, Falter


Sound painting. The young Austrian musician elaborates soft guitar sound, electronic effects, noise and glimpses of Austrian folk music to a fascinating set of sounds, oscillating somewhere between jazz, minimal music and meditative sound. Awesome!” – Guido Tartarotti, Kurier


The first few instants of listening say it all: Michael Wedenig’s music of his album “stadt | land | fuzz” cannot be categorised as only one genre. Among genres that influenced him, the guitarist himself mentions modern jazz, electronical music, minimal music and alternative elements. And yes, you can find traces of all these. But I’m talking of traces only. The Austrian musician does much more than implementing and repeating commonly known music formats and dogmatic principles, he rather creates his own sound cosmos by means of a variety of guitar sounds, field recordings, samples and loops and fills this generated space with his particular sound. You won’t find a single element in it you would call loud. Michael Wedenig approaches all of this in a calm, minimalistic and reduced manner.” – Michael Ternai, mica – music austria


The eight partly manifold and atmospheric pieces remind of the romantic side of Krautrock; at the same time they are the complete opposite of an oasis of well-being. Again: interesting, interesting!” – Falter programme recommendation

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