Pigano… or how I didn’t go to Berlin

In April I wanted to go to Berlin to attend Ableton Loop but it was cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Instead we had #LoopAtHome with daily challenges. For the first challenge I built an instrument called Pigano. I also had other ideas for names – eg. Pigtar, Pisophone, Trumpig – but Pigano won my Instagram survey fair and square! In the video I talk about how I recorded this instrument (pigstrument?) and made a whole song using only that one sample.

The finished song is called Dances with Pigs and you can listen to it here or on your streaming site of choice!

Recording Equipment:
Zoom H4n
contact microphone (Jez Riley French)

Ableton Live
Renoise/Renoise Redux
Arturia Pigments
Europa by Reason
iZotope Iris 2
Ableton Simpler
Ableton Wavetable

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